Want a LEAF in your community?

We do too. Here's what we need to get started:

1. Identify a Project Champion

SchoolGrown needs a local advocate to act as our liaison to coordinate planning and fundraising. The Project Champion might be a parent, teacher, student or other dedicated volunteer who is passionate about bringing this dream to life. 


  • Have time, energy and organizational skills

  • Are connectors: People who know, and want to work with, the local community

  • Help organize funding campaigns and other promotional tasks

  • Are the liaison to the school or community organization

2. Locate the Site and Ensure Community Support

SchoolGrown leases the land from the school district or community. The Project Champion will work with the site administration to identify the space and coordinate a lease agreement. 

To build the LEAF we need a relatively flat and sunny 40 x 70 foot space with electricity, water and vehicle access.  Good sunlight exposure is especially important in the winter months.

Preliminary Information Needed:

  • Site Checklist
  • Draft Lease Agreement

  • Survey of Community Support 

  • Support for 9 other LEAF projects in your area

  • Commit to attending the Champion Seminar

Download material here.

3. Facilitate Fundraising

Once the lease is signed, we'll be ready to start growing your LEAF. SchoolGrown has all the tools to run a successful fundraising campaign, and we work with the Project Champion to raise the initial capital to build the LEAF greenhouse.

Seem like something you could do?