SchoolGrown is dedicated to sustainable community-scale agriculture that provides healthy food options while demonstrating and teaching resource conservation.



  • Provide hands-on learning for diverse communities and learning styles that can be integrated with CORE curriculum, STEM, and Next Generation Science Standards across all grade levels.
  • Grow fresh, local, organic food with plants that grow faster, at a higher density and with a greater annual yield compared to conventional farming.
  • Demonstrate the ability to significantly reduce water usage when compared to conventional produce farming or conventional aquaculture.


We accomplish our mission by building and operating aquaponic greenhouse systems in schools and community centers. Aquaponics combines aquaculture (fish farming) and hydroponics (growing plants in nutrient solution). Our systems are inexpensive and modular; easy to setup, efficient to operate and financially self-sustaining. 

We call the greenhouse LEAF - Living Ecosystem Aquaponics Facility. 

A LEAF project originates with a local individual or organization that demonstrates the demand and ability to help us manage the startup process.

On-going staffing and oversight by SchoolGrown personnel helps ensure the project’s success and financial stability.


  • In 2014 farm tour participants at the Aquaponics Association conference saw water begin to flow and the first planting at our demonstration LEAF in Half Moon Bay.

  • In August 2015, we broke ground on LEAF #1 at San Lorenzo Valley High School in Felton, CA. In December supporters began to receive their first Community Supported Agriculture boxes of freshly picked, organic vegetables and leafy greens.

  • Since our founding we have facilitated over 30 aquaponics workshops and participated in more than 20 events, fairs, and conferences. We have also had 12 press interviews, led aquaponic farm tours for thousands of people of all ages.

  • We have engaged several hundred volunteers in 10,000+ hours of service at events and LEAF builds and operation.

  • To date, we have raised $63,000 which has sustained our all-volunteer organization.

  • Distributed 425 bags/boxes of produce to 40 CSA members at LEAF #1 – raising $10,409.00

  • Donated 240 boxes/bags of produce to San Lorenzo High School families and the Felton community at large.