Is this program only available to schools? 

All schools and community sites are open. We have the advantage in California schools because building permits are governed by the DSA (District of State Architects) and greenhouses are exempt. 

How can SchoolGrown build a greenhouse for a school at no cost?

What if we would like to buy a LEAF greenhouse to own?

Can a LEAF greenhouse be smaller?

Can the LEAF greenhouse be built bugger?

Can you use our existing greenhouse for a LEAF?

What is your target market? Who are your customers?

While the LEAF greenhouse involves multiple stakeholders in the community, including teachers, administrators, students, parents, and community members with an interest in sustainability. The customers are ultimately those that purchase the food. Our primary interest is in getting the food to the families of the students participating in the LEAF greenhouse, through a CSA program. The produce may also go to the school cafeteria, then local restaurants.