Living Ecosystem Aquaponic Facility

A LEAF is an 1,800 square foot greenhouse that is home to a solar powered aquaponic garden, complete with fish tanks and soilless planter beds.



Provides Fresh, Local Vegetables

A LEAF greenhouse grows fresh, nutritious, organic, local produce for the community all year. Every week a LEAF harvest of leafy greens, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, radishes, herbs and other produce fills CSA boxes.

Is a Learning Laboratory

LEAF greenhouses are living laboratories for students of all ages, in subjects including: biology, chemistry, ecology, nutrition, agriculture, marketing, and business economics. Principles of sustainable agriculture, efficient water use, and environmental stewardship are demonstrated through hands-on engagement. Students learn the fundamentals of how food is produced, building a deeper connection to the food we eat. SchoolGrown is integrated with CORE curriculum, STEM, and Next Generation Science Standards.

Is Financially Self-Sustaining

We believe the first step to sustainability is financial independence. A LEAF generates enough revenue for continued operations.